Dr Graeme Doig

Dr Graeme Doig orthopaedic surgeon IME graphic

Dr Graeme Doig is an Orthopaedic surgeon who performs assessments in Melbourne.

He is a doctor that you may be asked to see during your WorkCover claim in Victoria.

As he is an Orthopaedic surgeon, some of the conditions he can assess are:

  • General orthopaedics
  • Conditions of the upper limb
  • Conditions of the lower limb
  • Spinal conditions
  • Other orthopaedic related conditions

You may be asked to see him in some of the following instances:

  • To provide a medical opinion to help determine whether to accept or reject your claim.
  • Rejection of an injury, such as a shoulder injury or a spinal injury.
  • Whether a proposed treatment is required such as spinal surgery.
  • Impairment assessments for orthopaedic injuries (for impairment claims).

His accreditations are:

WorkSafe PI, TAC, AMA 4-6

His contact details are:

Phone: 02 6766 9177