No win no fee WorkCover legal representation

Michael and Peter provide 100% no win no fee legal representation to people with Victorian WorkCover matters.

If you require representation or want to enquire about possible representation, please get in contact via the details on the contact page.

Who are we (Michael and Peter)?

Michael and Peter are lawyers specialising in WorkCover matters.

You can read more on the about us page.

We’ve been working in injury law for a combined 30 years and currently run The Work Injury Site and a WorkCover law firm.

We both started working at a large law firm with offices across Melbourne and regional Victoria (the type of firm that you might see running TV advertising campaigns and advertising on a billboard by the freeway).

We have represented and advised thousands of injured workers and ran matters in VCAT, the Magistrates Court, County Court, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

We’ve brought claims against some of Australia’s largest employers – Woolworths, Coles, Australia Post, ANZ and other banks, large hospitals, Ford, local Councils, large employers in the meat, manufacturing and warehousing industries, and the Victorian Government.

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