11 wrong pieces of advice you may have received about WorkCover

Have family, friends and neighbours been giving you advice after your injury? While their intentions are probably good, in our experience, much of the ‘legal advice’ given to people by non-lawyers is wrong. Here’s some advice you might have heard:

  • Your employer has to be at fault to lodge a WorkCover claim and get compensation for your injuries”.
  • “What’s the point? The lawyer will take most of any settlement you get”.
  • “I read in the paper that someone who slipped over in the supermarket and hurt their back got $300,000, so your case is worth at least that”.
  • “Cases like yours take years to resolve so it’s not worth pursuing”.
  • “You didn’t report the injury earlier so you can’t pursue a claim”.
  • “Your case isn’t worth pursuing because you were only with the company for a couple of months”.
  • “All lawyers just want to settle your case as quickly as possible. Most will accept the first offer the other side makes”.
  • “All lawyers are the same – they all know the law”.
  • “Lawyers in these cases take a percentage of any money you get”.
  • “You’ll bankrupt the company if you sue them”
  • “If you lose your WorkCover case, you’ll probably have to pay all of the costs of the other side”.

Please keep in mind that the information contained on this page should not be considered legal advice and no content on this site should replace the need to obtain advice tailored to the specific facts of your case. The facts of a case can significantly alter the advice that can provided. This site only provides general advice. Read more here.

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Written by the Work Injury Site team