Resignation from employment docs:

Use these docs to assist you when resigning from your employment while on WorkCover (in Victoria)

1. Sample resignation letter (written by a lawyer). It references the work related injury/condition/illness as the reason for resignation. Modify and use it as you please.

2. Resignation while on WorkCover checklist. Use it to help identify the relevant issues.

3. WorkCover related email newsletter.

For over 25 years combined, the authors of these documents, both lawyers, have acted for hundreds of injured workers against big insurance companies.

Note: if you are intending to resign from your employment while on WorkCover in Victoria, we would recommend that you obtain WorkCover legal advice before doing so. You should not rely on these documents without first obtaining legal advice.

WorkCover resignation checklist and letter

The documents are in electronic pdf format.


Resignation from employment docs: