WorkCover claim check (Vic)

Here’s a WorkCover claim check you can use to help you determine whether you might have an entitlement to WorkCover compensation in Victoria following an injury.

We don’t actually believe WorkCover claim checks are all that necessary.

This is because the majority of people who have suffered an injury at work in which there is some connection to Victoria will have an entitlement to WorkCover benefits (perhaps not all benefits, but at least some).

The better question that a person should be asking is not whether they have an entitlement to lodge a claim.

But instead whether it is actually worthwhile for them to pursue a claim taking into account what they’re likely to obtain by way of compensation.

If you still wish to use a WorkCover claim check tool, you can find ours below.

You do not need to provide your name, details of your employment, injury details, phone number or email address in order to obtain an answer.

And if you’re not sure how to answer a particular question, scroll down the page and visit the resource section below. There are specific links there that should assist.

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Further resources

When using the claim check, if you’re not sure how to answer a particular question, the further information below should assist.