If you need WorkCover legal advice or representation:


If you need help with your WorkCover claim, you’re welcome to reach out to us (Michael and Peter) for legal representation.

Below you’ll find an overview as to how representation and costs works with us:

No costs payable by our clients for us to help with medical and like expenses or weekly payments issues

If you need assistance with lodging a claim, or issues relating to medical and like expenses or weekly payments, in almost all instances we handle those matters for our clients for no cost.

By this we mean our clients do not pay us any money for any work done by us in relation to those issues.

The exception is if a matter concerning a rejection of claim, medical and like expenses or weekly payments matter needs to go to court.

In those instances, there may be a cost associated for that work (which we handle on a no win no fee basis), but we let our clients know what that cost is likely to be before proceeding with anything.

It’s worth noting, that only a very small percentage of matters relating to these issues progress to court.

In return from you:

In exchange for doing this work for free, what we ask is that you consider engaging us if you elect to pursue an impairment lump sum claim and/or a common law lump sum claim.

If we pursue either or both of these claims on your behalf, then we would do so on a no win no fee basis.

Our no win no fee is true no win no fee.

This means that you would only pay costs if you receive money in your pocket for either of those two claims.

If you don’t choose to pursue an impairment lump sum or common law lump sum claim, then there would be no costs payable to us.

No cost agreement to sign

When we help a client with their WorkCover matter – initiating an initial WorkCover claim, or assisting with medical and like expenses and/or weekly payment issues, we do not require that client to sign a cost agreement.

This means that if that client wishes to engage a different lawyer, they are not locked in to any contracts with us and are free to engage another lawyer, should they wish.

A cost agreement is only required to be signed by us if a client elects to proceed with an impairment lump sum claim or a common law lump sum claim (or if a matter proceeds to court).

Should you wish to contact us:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

If you have decided you wish to speak to us about legal representation, reach out to us via the contact page.

Please note that we’re not able to take on all matters.

When we represent people with their WorkCover matters, we do so under the banner of our law firm which is Claven Burdess Lawyers. We represent people in all parts of Victoria, but unfortunately no outside Victoria.


Michael Burdess & Peter Claven