Our WorkCover publications

Publications to help you understand the WorkCover system better, and navigate your way.

Victorian WorkCover benefits guide

A short book that provides an overview of the WorkCover system.

The book has links to other content, allowing the reader to explore different topics in detail should they wish.

What’s my claim worth? (Vic)

Discover how to calculate what your impairment and common law lump sum amounts you might be entitled to.

In the guide are links to two databases of cases which you can search through and see what amounts WorkCover cases before you resolved for (these databases are used by lawyers).

WorkCover Guidebook (Vic)

This is a more detailed look at the WorkCover system.

It’s provides some of the key things we’ve learned from representing thousands of injured workers over 30+ combined years.


How to lodge a WorkCover claim (Vic)

If you’re thinking of lodging a WorkCover claim, this is our most helpful guide.

It steps you through how to make a claim, starting at reporting an injury, all the way to what to do if your claim is rejected.

If you’ve already lodged a claim and it has been accepted, this is not the guide for you.

How to contest WorkCover decisions (Vic)

If the WorkCover insurer has made a decision that you don’t agree with (eg: rejecting your claim, rejecting an injury, refusing to pay for a particular type of medical expense, reducing or terminating your weekly payments) this guide will help.

It steps you through how to contest a WorkCover decision.

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