How social media can ruin your case

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I’ve seen good cases destroyed by posts made on social media.

This is particularly relevant if you’re pursuing a large lump sum claim (a common law claim). WorkCover and their lawyers will spend some time researching your online footprint.

This means they’ll look at any of your social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Whatever you’ve got, they’ll likely look at.

The reality is that people put their ‘best life’ on social media. They put photos on there of them smiling and happy. They post photos of themselves on holiday. They post that they’ve started a new job, or that they’ve got engaged. Or dancing at a party.

The problem is that when WorkCover look at a photo or a post you made, they don’t know what the rest of that day looked like for you.

So how do you prevent this from damaging your case?

If you have a lawyer, you should make sure to tell them what you have on your social media profiles. This is so they can be explained and addressed. You should consider making your profiles private. Sometimes it makes sense to take them down completely whilst your case is on foot.

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