Allianz WorkCover insurer

Allianz are an insurance company that has been appointed by WorkSafe to manage employers’ WorkCover insurance and WorkCover claims for injured Workers.

Allianz is reportedly the agent most used by employers in the Victorian WorkSafe scheme.

If your employer is insured by Allianz, then your WorkCover claim will be determined by them, and if accepted, managed by them.

They will be responsible for payment of your WorkCover entitlements – whether it be your medical expenses, weekly payments, or lump sum claims.

If they’re your insurer and you’re not happy with something, you should first raise the issue with your case manager.

If that does not fix the issue, then you should ask to speak to the relevant team leader.

If again that does not fix the issue, you can contact WorkSafe and raise your concerns with them. Alternatively, you can engage a skilled lawyer to assist you.

Allianz contact phone number: 1300 130 664.

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Allianz WorkCover WorkSafe Insurance company

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