What does WorkCover do?

What does workcover doWorkCover is insurance that your employer takes out to cover their workers in the event that they get injured.

WorkCover is the name of the Victorian workers compensation scheme.

What does WorkCover do for you as an injured worker?

If you are a worker who has suffered an injury, illness or condition related to your employment you can lodge a WorkCover claim.

If that WorkCover claim is accepted, you may have an entitlement to:

WorkCover will cover you in the event you have a work related injury.

How does WorkCover work for you as an injured worker?

You will need to complete and lodge an initial WorkCover claim form in order to initiate a WorkCover claim.

The WorkCover insurer of the employer will then determine the claim (which in most instances takes about a month).

If the claim is accepted, you’re entitled to the payment of medical and like expenses and potentially weekly payments.

Once your injury has stablised, you may be able to make an impairment lump sum claim and potentially a common law lump sum claim.

What does WorkCover do for your employer?

Your employer is required to take out a WorkCover insurance policy to cover their workers in the event they suffer injury.

WorkCover handles any WorkCover claim and pays the entirety of benefits to an injured worker (apart from, in some instances, the first 10 days of incapacity and a set amount of medical expenses).

WorkCover also assists with returning an injured worker back to work with the employer or, in alternative employment.

Note: Sole traders and some contractors are not covered by the Victorian WorkCover scheme, and therefore need to purchase their own form of insurance.

What is WorkSafe’s role in WorkCover matters?

WorkSafe Victoria is responsible for managing the WorkCover scheme.

WorkSafe is also known as the Victorian WorkCover Authority (or VWA).

They are also responsible for enforcing the relevant occupational health and safety legislation.

In Australia, every state and territory has it’s own workers compensation scheme specific to workers in the particular state or territory.

In Victoria, the relevant WorkCover legislation is the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013 (Vic) and the Accident Compensation Act 1985.

What is the role of WorkCover insurance companies?

WorkSafe Victoria engages a number of insurance companies to act as their agents to manage WorkCover claims.

Currently, these insurance companies are;

  • Allianz
  • Gallagher Bassett
  • EML
  • Exchanging

There are also a number of self insurer’s. These are large employer’s that manage their own workers’ compensation claims.

As an injured worker, if you have a WorkCover claim you’ll be dealing with one of the above insurer’s or a self insurer.

You’ll be allocated a claims manager from the relevant insurer to handle your claim.

From time to time, the person managing your claim may change.


WorkCover is the Victorian workers compensation scheme.

It is managed by the Victorian WorkCover Authority, also known as WorkSafe.

If you have a WorkCover claim, an insurance company engaged by WorkSafe will manage your claim.

In some instances, an employer will be a self insurer which means they’ll manage their WorkCover claims in house.

If you have an accepted WorkCover claim for a work related injury, you may be entitled to the payment of medical and like expenses, weekly payments, impairment lump sum and common law lump sum.


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