PIAWE calculator (Vic)

This calculator will enable you to calculate your Pre Injury Average Weekly earnings (sometimes referred to as ‘PIAWE’).

Here’s how to use the calculator:

Step 1

In the first box, enter your average gross weekly wage (no need to include ‘$’).

If you have been with an employer for 12 months or more, take an average of your ordinary earnings (this means your base rate of pay) over the 12 month period immediately before suffering the injury.

Exclude any period in which you did not work and was not paid leave.

If you have been employed with the employer for less than 12 months, then take an average of that period.

Eg: if you’ve been employed with an employer for three months, then take your average earnings over that period.

How to fill out the PIAWE calculator

Step 2

Enter the average of any overtime or shift allowance amounts (again for the 12 month period prior to the injury – or alternatively, for the period that you’ve been with this employer if it is less than 12 months).

If you don’t have any overtime or shift allowances, keep this box blank.

There’s no need to include ‘$’.

How to interpret the PIAWE calculator:

For the first 13 weeks, you’ll be paid at the 95% rate.

For weeks 14 to 130, you’ll be paid at the 80% rate.

If you’re entitled to payments after 130 weeks, you can get paid at the 80% mark if you have no work capacity, or you can receive topup payments if you have some capacity. 

(This article explores payments after 130 weeks).

If you made your claim prior to 5 April 2010, you’re entitled to overtime and shift allowances for the first 26 weeks.

If you made your claim on or after 5 April 2010, you’re entitled to overtime and shift allowances for the first 52 weeks.

Note: the maximum amount payable per week by the insurer is $2460. If your 95% or 80% rates are above that figure, you will be entitled to $2460 only per week.




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