Attending WorkCover medical appointments during work hours

Attending WorkCover medical appointments during work hours

If you attend a medical appointment with a treating health practitioner during work hours, and the appointment is in relation to the treatment of your work related injury or condition, you’re entitled to be paid by the WorkCover insurer for lost wages.

Likewise, if the WorkCover insurer organises an appointment for you to be assessed by an independent medical examiner, you’re entitled to be compensated for lost wages.

Medical appointments with your own doctor

In order to obtain compensation from the WorkCover for time lost due to having to attend a medical appointment, you should make sure that the appointment is covered by a certificate of capacity.

WorkSafe guidelines also say that the time that is taken to attend the treating health practitioner appointment is reasonable, given your treatment requirements and the nature of you injury.

Their guidelines also say that if it is possible, that you attend appointments with your treating health practitioners outside work hours.

You can speak to the WorkCover insurer before the appointment and let them know what you’re doing, or alternatively you can let them know after the appointment has taken place.

You should obtain a written statement/letter from your employer which confirms the amount you have lost in wages, and submit this to the insurer.

Gross wages will be sent to your employer, who will then pay the net wage amount to you.

If you experience any problems obtaining payment, this page should help you.

Medical appointments with independent medical examiners

In order to obtain reimbursement for appointments relating to independent medical examinations, you should have a written statement/letter from your employer which declares the gross amount of wages lost as a result of you having to attend the examination.

This should be sent off to the insurance company after the appointment.

Keep in mind that in most circumstances, if someone accompanies you to the appointment and they lose wages as a result, the WorkCover insurer is not responsible for covering their wages.

Gross wages will be sent to your employer by the insurer, who will then be responsible for paying you. Copyright – this is original content from

In addition to lost wages, the WorkCover insurer is also responsible for paying your reasonable travel costs. If you drove your own car, you are entitled to be compensated on a per kilometre rate.

You can claim any tolls incurred (eg: Citylink/Eastlink) as well as any meals or accomodation costs.


You’re entitled to claim the cost of lost wages if you attend a medical appointment in relation to a work related injury or illness. This is the case if you attend one of your own treating health practitioners, or if you attend an appointment with an independent medical examiner that has been organised by the insurance company.

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